This page contains some preliminary research notes on 1435 Malbarough Avenue, to give the owners some background on the real estate market.  This information will be important for us when we work together to develop a unique marketing plan for your home.

Property Report for 1435 MARLBAROUGH AVE

The data sheet above has some basic information about the home from the Santa Clara County property tax database.  We want to confirm that the information is correct; many buyer’s agents will get data directly or indirectly from this source.

Summary: 2,164 sf with 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, and a 3 car garage, built in 1959, on an approximate 1/4 acre.

Location on corner of a residential street and Oak Avenue, minor collector avenue, running through a residential area.   This is not a through street, beginning at Grant Road on the west and ending at CA 85 on the east.

Home is across from a school and church, with a high school athletic field nearby.  This home’s driveway is on the residential side street.

The lots are fairly consistent in the quarter acre range, with homes ranging from around 1,500 sf to 3,000 sf.  Many homes face Oak Avenue.

This map shows several years of sales data, color coded in three levels: High,  Medium, and Low, blue, yellow, and red respectively.  The inverted tear drop is the most recent 12 months, the star-in-circle the prior 12 months, and the square represents the 12 months before that.  The Subject Property is shown as a black triangle with an inscribed circle (middle right).

A close up of the immediate area of the subject property (let of upper center).  


This graph shows home sales in your home’s general size range from January 2015 to now, with the blue dots showing all of Los Altos, and the orange dots showing this neighborhood, somewhat arbitrarily selected, as shown below in a screen shot of the MLS criteria box.  

The objective is to keep to similar neighborhood characteristics, and stay back from major traffic noise from Grant, Fremont, and CA 85.

This chart shows several years of data for the variance between the listing prices and final sales prices.  Again blue dots show all of Los Altos and orange shows the selected neighborhood data.

Clearly more homes sell for over list price than under, though many exceed the expected under pricing expectation.  Local agents are not accurately projecting values, a bit randomly.   But this shows that the market is likely efficient in finding the right price.

This graph shows the number of days that homes were on the market before getting into contract.  Some of the lag from offer to contract clustering of data is likely due to offer hold back periods from 7 to 14 days. 

Some homes are selling pre-MLS then entered to the system for data collection purposes, thus a number of zero-DOM records.

Sample images: https://tours.tourfactory.com/tours/tour.asp?t=2728219