You might enjoy a tour of our collection of historic cameras at the links below.   We have an extensive collection of early to mid 20th Century film cameras, many Kodaks but we have an assortment of other brands.   While most of our emphasis is on American cameras, we have many German Kodaks, the brilliant designs of August Nagel.  Since we use professional grade Nikon cameras to photograph the homes we sell, we also have a full collection of the historic Nikon professional cameras going back to the late 1940s, and the most significant models of Nikkorex and Nikkormat amateur lines.

The odder orphans of photographic history are fun to collect, and occasionally shoot (but not for your home’s virtual tour).   However, sometimes we include a few vintage pieces in our staging.

We also enjoy making presentations on Camera History to schools, clubs, community groups, etc.   We bring a selection of cameras and have a great PowerPoint presentation.  Please contact Kevin.  All of our online images are free for use, but as a courtesy, please let us know and give us credit in your online or print publications.

My interest in photography started in junior high when one of the teachers offered a class and we converted a windowless janitorial closet into a darkroom.  I took further courses in high school, and college, along with film classes.  The darkroom skills are now transferred to PhotoShop, but the approach is amazingly similar.  My love of photography has provided a great synergy with my passion for real estate.