Free Staging

We personally coordinate staging, photography, and the virtual tour for all of our listings.   

  • We have everything that you need to sell your house quickly and for top dollar.
  • All the basic staging that you need to sell a home is provided free of charge. 
  • Our photographers set the stage and lighting for each photo. 
  • Each virtual tour is custom designed to lead-off with your home’s strongest features, and typically includes a floor plan.

Effective staging encourages imagination and leads to a vision of what the home can be.  Staging should be a gentle guide rather than a jarring effect.   If buyers focus on the staging, they often miss the home.  The goal is to achieve a quick sale for the highest price.

  • Effective staging fades into the background
  • It should accent but not dominate
  • The decor should suggest comfort, but not limit the Buyer’s vision
  • There should be a natural feel and harmony with the space
  • Neutral styles should not conflict with the Buyer’s sense of style
  • We work closely with you to understand your home’s needs

We have a diverse inventory of furniture, carpets, lighting, plants, framed-art, and decor items available for our clients’ staging needs.   The photos below demonstrate ways we have staged several vacant homes recently.