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Free Inspection Program

We offer free home inspections to homeowners, tenants and other interested parties, such as trustees, executors, attorneys, and fiduciaries.   This is often a good first step before making choices about selling, renting, remodeling or making repairs.   Or maybe you would just like to learn more about your home.

With our experience in building and real estate sales, this is a very easy process for us and a great opportunity to meet people and develop relationships.    Frankly, once we meet, you will understand what separates our service from the average realtor.

With lenders becoming more concerned about the condition of the home, we can help you become prepared for FHA, VA, and CalVet expectations, at typically little cost.

What we are doing in this program is really the first step which we would take with a Buyer or Seller as we wade into the purchase/sale process.  It only takes an hour or two and we try to make it fun and informative for everyone.


Our 10 Step Examination & Evaluation Process:

  • Research home and location statistics
  • Onsite examination and evaluation of the home and property
  • Identify areas of concern or potential benefits
  • Propose solutions, modifications, and alternatives
  • Estimate costs, options, and valuation payback
  • Recommend contractors, vendors, and further resources
  • Help to prioritize based on urgency and pay back
  • Develop a needs and wants punch list with prioritization
  • Offer budgeting formats and advice
  • Be available as a future sounding board and counselor

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