Please follow the links below to downloadable event photos.  Thanks for supporting this Martinez Chamber of Commerce event!

Kevin Murray’s roughly 500 photos are separated into Flickr albums, generally by the timeline of the event, but we also broke out individual and couples portraits in separate albums.  We hope this makes it easier for you to find photos.

Kevin shot with two very different camera-rigs on Saturday evening:

(a) Nikon D800 with flash shooting 36 megapixel high resolution and a Sigma 24mm – 70mm f/2.8 zoom lens.

(b) Sony Alpha 7Sii using 12 megapixels in existing light at 20,000 ISO and a wide aperture (shallow depth of focus) Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 “prime lens” (fixed focal length). 

The photos are intermixed, but the details are shown in Flickr for each image.


  • Craig Turner  – Roughly 100 excellent photos submitted by Craig using a Nikon Z7 camera and Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 zoom lens.
  • Tony Padilla (TBD)