John Muir National Historic Site

This national historic site was once the 2,600 acre ranch of John Muir and his wife Louisa.  The 17 room 1882 Italianate mansion was built by his father-in-law Dr John Strentzel, and it became the Muirs’ home after his death in 1890.


Taken with my 1955 Nikon S2 (this shot only)

Interior Wide Angle Shots


Hallway Upstairs _DSC7915

Upstairs Hallway

B-South East bedroom_DSC7771

Southeast Bedroom (closest to stairs)

B-Middle Eastern Bedroom_DSC7774

East middle bedroom (from hallway)

B-Middle East bedroom _DSC7786

East middle bedroom (from egress to the north bedroom)

B-north east bedroom__DSC7927

Northeast bedroom (from egress to middle bedroom)


Northeast bedroom (from hall)

Upstairs Office _DSC7913

Northwest bedroom (from hall).  John Muir’s office.

John Muir Typewriter

Oliver Standard Visible Writer No. 3


Office fireplace

B-north east bedroom_DSC7807

Southwest bedroom (back toward the staircase)


Parlor_DSC7759 IIStudy towards south _DSC7856

Library facing north HDR 1000Living Room to Robert _DSC7873 II


Dining Room to the north _DSC7726dining room wed flash_DSC7876Kitchen Toward East_DSC7738Kitchen toward west _DSC7741Kitchen Wednesday wide shot _DSC7878


Kitchen Sink_DSC7744 II

Kitchen Stove_DSC7747


Martinez Adobe built 1849

Adobe - Exterior 1Adobe Exterior 1Adobe Interior 1Adobe Interior 2Adobe INterior 3Adobe Porch 2Adobe Porch 3Adobe PorchAdobe Side Porch


L-farm implement_DSC8628l-vinyard_DSC8816


Taken with the 1955 Nikon S2



Taken with the 1955 Nikon S2


Taken with the 1955 Nikon S2