The L.I.F.T.© Valuation System

L.I.F.T. is an acronym that we use to describe the key aspects of residential real estate.  This is a Vanguard proprietary system, though it really is just a clarification of common sense.   There is a well used adage, “Location – Location – Location” to which there is much truth, but that is not the whole story.

L.I.F.T.  stands for:

  • Location  – city, neighborhood, orientation, proximity
  • Image – curb appeal, layout, décor, condition, staging
  • Function – size, layout, flow, structure, systems
  • Trends – economy, lifestyle, fashion, social dynamics

Together these are the foundation of valuation and marketing.  By understanding and assessing these relationships we can effectively work with you to value your home and focus our marketing, repair, and staging plans to your best advantage.

The L.I.F.T.  system is the cornerstone to a Vanguard Marketing Plan for the sale of your home.