Graflex Speed Graphic (pre anniversary)

Cameras of Ansel Adams

Ansel shown in the 1930s with a Speed Graphic camera, a model introduced in 1928, replacing the original 1912 design, now known as the “Top Handle”. At the time there was no specific model designation, though these have become known as the “Pre Anniversary” model since these preceded the Anniversary model which was introduced in 1940.

UPDATE:  I was contacted by Meg Partridge, the daughter of photographer Rondal Partridge.  She clarified that this Speed Graphic belonged to her father, and the photo was taken by Rondal with Ansel’s camera.

Credit is to © Rondal Partridge Archive.   See wrote: “My Dad worked for Ansel as – I think — his first assistant in Yosemite. They climbed the mountains together, and my Dad would also take photographs of Ansel during those trips. 

In fact, just so you know, another famous one of Ansel that has been reproduced in Ansel’s books, of Ansel up on Lightning Peak, was also taken by my father. BUT! In that shot, the camera (Speed Graphic) belonged to my father, not Ansel. He was just standing by Dad’s camera at the time. The reason we know this is that in Ansel’s archive at the Center for Creative Photography in Arizona has the negative! It was in Ansels camera.”

Thank you Meg for permission to use the photo and the great story!!!