MPD 1957 Ford

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Notation is car stalled 1958

This is a 1957 Ford.  Note the trim detail on the rear door, which is not typical, but I have seen it on other online examples.  There seem to be several patterns on various 1957 Ford 4-door sedans.  Getting a match on that aspect may be difficult.


Examples of 1957 Rear Door Trim and Profile Types

It looks like Ford had two distinctly different rear door designs for 1957, one where the fin-profile is continued into the door almost straight just under the window (sedan), and another more complex profile where continuation of the fin curves downward (hardtop).  It’s hard to tell whether the rear fender is the same in the two configurations.  There seems to be multiple chrome treatments for both the the rear door profiles.

Ford Custom 300 1957 4-door sedan. The new 1957 Fords had the ‘Custom’ model as the entry level car, with the Custom 300 better trimmed and the Fairlanes above.