Polaroid Model 95

Cameras of Ansel Adams

Model 95 is the first of Edwin Land’s instant picture cameras. Starting in 1948 the Polaroid Corporation in Rochester made at least 1.5 million of the Model 95 folding viewfinder camera for his instant roll film, including the variants 95, 95A and 95B. The Model 95 is recognized by the spring sighting pin as part of the viewfinder.

Ansel wrote about his first meeting with Edwin Land, for whom he later became a lifelong friend and consultant. The two met soon after the release of the Model 95 in 1948, but initially Ansel’s request to tryout the new camera seemed to be rebuffed. He left the meeting empty handed, but when he arrived home to California, there was a package containing a complimentary brand new Polaroid. I understand that subsequently Ansel got to test and often contribute to the development of all the new Polaroid cameras.