SS Siberia

SS Siberia.jpg
Postcard from SS Siberia

Jack London accepted an assignment from the San Francisco Examiner to cover the Russo-Japanese War in early 1904,  On January 3, 1904 he sailed from San Francisco to Yokohama on the SS Siberia, arriving on January 25, 1904.

He was arrested by Japanese authorities in Shimonoseki, but released through the intervention of American ambassador Lloyd Griscom. After travelling to Korea, he was again arrested by Japanese authorizes for straying too close to the border with Manchuria without official permission, and was sent back to Seoul. Released again, London was permitted to travel with the Imperial Japanese Army to the border, and to observe the Battle of the Yalu.

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SS SIberia in the 20s.jpg
SS Siberia (left) at dock in San Francisco circa 1920s