SV  Reindeer

In the short story “White and Yellow“, Jack London wrote, “When I was a youngster of sixteen, a good sloop-sailor and all- round bay-waterman, my sloop, the Reindeer, was chartered by the Fish Commission, and I became for the time being a deputy patrolman.”

Later he describes her as having a bowsprit, but no other identifying details are given of the boat.

In Jack London’s 1902 novel, The Cruise of the Dazzler, he describes an encounter with a sloop that they called the Reindeer, and an illustration is provided.  It’s not clear which vessel in the image is the Reindeer, not whether this vessel resembles the vessel of his youth.

After his adventure in Alaska and when he began to make money, he bought a sloop and name it the Spray

Reindeer as illustrated in Voyage of the Dazzler.jpg